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Field Trips for Shelter Dogs

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The Hawaii Island Humane Society allows visitors to "check out" a dog for the day from our shelters.

The process is quite simple. Arrive at the shelter and let them know you want to take out a dog. The staff will introduce you to the candidates that are allowed to go out (they must be spayed/neutered already). You choose a dog and the staff gets the dog ready. We provide "Adopt Me" harnesses and leashes, water and a bowl, towels for your car, toys, treats, poop bags, cleaning supplies and the dog is microchipped.

The main goal of this program is for you to enjoy Hawaii Island and to get your “dog fix” by taking along one of our shelter dogs on your adventure. The shelter will ask you to fill out an evaluation on your return so that potential adopters will know more about the dog. Pictures are encouraged!

Hawaii residents are welcome to participate in this program as well. Residents may take a dog out twice per year. After the second time, residents are asked to attend one of our volunteer orientations to become more familiar with us. To schedule your orientation, please contact Bebe Ackerman at 808-217-0154.

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Pick-up between

9:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday - Saturday (Kona)

9:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday - Saturday (Kea'au)

8:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday - Saturday (Waimea)

Same Day Return by

4:00 pm (Kona)

3:30 pm (Kea'au)

3:00 pm (Waimea)

Dog-friendly places

For a list of dog-friendly places on Hawaii Island, including restaurants and accommodations visit Lava Dogs 808.

The shelter will also provide you with some options.


  • Participant must be at least 18 years old. Children (anyone under 18 years old) are allowed to be accompained by an adult, but may NOT hold the dog's leash at any time.
  • Liability waiver must be signed.
  • Your credit card number will be recorded for a $200 deposit in the event the dog is not returned.
  • Dogs must be in an enclosed vehicle (no riding in an open convertible or in the open bed of a truck).
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and never left unattended. Dogs are not allowed off-leash in any park or beach.
  • Dogs are not allowed "people" food, since it can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.
  • All participants must have FUN!



    The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce announced its 2016 Pūalu Award winners on Friday, June 24, at its annual installation banquet at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. For our Field Trips for Shelter Dogs program, HIHS won the Business Innovation category.

    Established in 1979 by the KKCC, the Pūalu Awards celebrate individuals, nonprofit organizations and businesses that bring people together for positive impacts on the community.

    Award Recipient

    Business Innovation – Hawai‘i Island Humane Society

    Chamber Pualu Awards Donna Whitney SMALLKKCC President Dale Suezaki, HIHS Executive Director Donna Whitaker, HIHS Fund Development Director Whitney Sickels and KKCC Executive Director Kirstin Kahaloa 
    Chamber Pualu Awards Governor Ige Donna Whitney SMALL EDIT
    Donna Whitaker, Governor David Ige & Whitney Sickels at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce Pualu Awards Ceremony and Governor luncheon

    The Hawai‘i Island Humane Society was tapped for “Business Innovation,” an award that recognizes a business or organization committed to improving or enhancing employee’s lives, or exhibits creative product development, marketing or customer service.

    HIHS’s mission is preventing cruelty to animals, eliminating pet overpopulation and enhancing the bond between humans and animals.

    Serving the island for 51 years, HIHS is the only open admission shelter on the island, with over 14,000 animals arriving annually to shelters in Kona, Waimea and Kea‘au.

    What is innovative about HIHS is that it recently started a field trip program for shelter dogs. Visitors and residents can check out a shelter dog for the day. This creative approach supports the health, well-being and adoption of shelter dogs and is a positive benefit for the people that get to take care of a furry friend for the day.

    Rather than waiting for those seeking to adopt a dog to come through HIHS doors, HIHS is hoping the new program provides a chance encounter for dogs to find a potential home.