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The Hawaii Island Humane Society Tributes


In Honor of

Adam Atwood by James & Leiola Augustine

Akamai by Terry Causey

Alice Kethley by Michelle Niccum

Anne Ryan by John Saffro

Beth Thoma Robinson by Elaine Robinson

Bobby by Malachy Grange

Bongo by Lynn Froseth

Buddy & Gypsy Lanterman by Alysa Freeman

Callie by Pamela and Melissa Thompson

Charles by Richard & Isabel Marsh

Chase Murray by Kelsey Miner

China White by Tina Flower

Chris & Betsy Larson by Christy Mather, Chuck Michaels, Dave and Nancy Mather, Eric Mather, Vik & Julie Rao, Merilee Corbit, & John Mather

Christie Chrysler by Shea Cochran

Col. Franklyn Bonnet by Alicia bonnet

COVID Dogs by Jeffrey McDaniel

Dakota, Merlin, Bubba, Millie & Daisy by Mary & Leonard Gion

Dani Bear by Eve Stylianides

Dave Kornfeld by Eugenia Haney, Mona Kornfeld, & Susan Kornfeld

Dawn & Kurt by Suzanne Alford, Robert Wall, Jessica Sullivan, Paul &Donna Maria Knoll

Dawn Holmes by Betsy Sharp

Dr. Beth Jose by Shawn Nakoa

Dr. Gressard, Dr. Hamilton & Dr. Wood by Jacqueline & Tyron Yun

Dr. Ray Mur by Shami Abdy

Duke by Jacqueline Gould

Eric von Platen Luder by Jolene Mears

Gary & Mary Kay Rovelstad by Nancy & Stuart Abbey

Gil Taylor by Rhiannon Taylor

Ginger by Janice Sanderson

Popoki & Mochi by Joanne & Bertram Wong

Jasmine & Riley, In Memory of Molly & Sadie by Regan and Shoshana Matsumura

Todd Czerwinski and In memroy of Simon (cat) by Grace Czerwinski

In memory of Faith and in by of her humans Kathy and Lee Daniels by Alice Morris

Ipo & Hoku by James & Christine Babian

Janet Falcon by Melanie Falcon

Java by Jeanne Aujay

Jeanne McWhirter by The Jodar Family Foundation

Jeffrey Caputo by Joanne Mossing

Jenni Lee by Scott Hanson

Jennifer Brandt by Bo Brandt

Jenny by Bruce Guo

Jim Cuddihy by Joy Yoshina

Joey Hartman by Noelle Singleton

Judy Wieder by Linda Laisure

Karen Waters by Carol Christensen

Kevin Hunt by Nancy Kappes

Kitty by Mark Gordon & John McLean

Kona by Rachel Thompson

Kona by Tiffany Quitania

Koscik Family by Kelsey Rusch

Kupa'a and Ho'ola by Auli'i Mahuna

Laura Greenleaf by Alice Morris

Laura Umpiere by Blake Gelber

Lauren Nickerson by Randy & Christina Skaggs

Linda Whitney by Tracy Jenkins

Mac & Mary Kay McInnis by Anne & Michael Mosley

Mac & Mary Kay McInnis by Mike & Bryan Hancock

Mady Parker by Katie Teets

Marta Petersen by Madeleine Sears

Masaye Kuwahara by Nicole Freeman

Master Sushi Princess Glitter Neptune by Michelle Bicknell

Mavis Hirner by Scott Dodd

Melanie Sarama by Janice S Hidano

Merrie and Bud Emmons by cynthia weldon

Mindy Werth by Kate Deboer

Mr. George Roberts by Elizabeth Cloern

Ms. Molly by Anne Young

Neil & Tammy Matatall by Christine Reznick

Neil Matatall by Christine Reznick

Obi by Leslie Galloway

Om Shanti by alice tobin

Our Baby Kitty by Mark Gordon & John McLean

Our wonderful dogs and the cat by Joy Yoshina

Patricia Broemser by Patricia Broemser

Penny by Adam Atwood

Penny by Eve Stylianides

Penny by Jessi Roe

Penny by Meghan Hanna

Penny by Molly Wagman

Penny by Wendy Willming

Penny from P-pack by Jennifer Smedley

Penny the Beag's family by Deborah Rice

Penny the Trash Panda by Sheila Scanlon

Peter Garcia by Philip Pyle

Phoebe & Pua by Sharon Kerrick

Piglet who just found her forever home by Melissa and Piglet Shapiro

Ralphi by Cheryl Chesnut

Reilly Chow by Elaine Thienprasiddhi

Rhonda Pollard and Pepper by Kenneth Pollard

Shannon Noel Toth by JackJack

River by Dana Kobayashi

Robert Israel Walzer by Alysa Freeman

Roxanne Tolentino by marie tolentino

Scott Dodd and Eric von Platen Luder by Steven Eggleston

Scottie doggie by Ramona Domen

Seeske Versluys by Christina Heliker

Shani and Dharma by Adam Atwood

Shanti, Dharma and Goldie by Adam Atwood

Sheryl by Elaine Livingston

Spence by Vivian Dixon

Stella by Steve Geer

Steve Kittell by Patricia Rustanius

Susy and Frances Ruddle by Steve & Linda Gurnee

Susy Ruddle by Alice Guild

Susy Ruddle by Steve Kittell

Tank Moreau by Erin & Alan Dickler

The Barcia Family by Patricia McGeeney

The Entire HIHS Team by Betsy & Chris Larson

The Team at Ali’i Veterinary Hospital by Betsy & Chris Larson

Vivian Dixon by trish carpico

Wendy Mitchell by Katherine Fraser


In Memory of

Allen Forbes Poole by Jane and Willie Quayle

Hazel Aker by Gay Porter

Rosie Cooper by Jeanne Cooper

Michael A. McCormick by Sandra Coit

Michael Sisk by Sarah Roeske

Pueo and Koa by William Keoni Fox

Kate Uzdienski by Lisa A Worrells

P.C. Morrison by Myrna & Bruce Morrison

Raptor by Lisa J Sims

Patti Carr by Vincent Carr

Cisco by Frank & Laura Sayre (Mallery-Sayre)

Chuck Bundrant by Diane Bundrant

parents by Robert & Alice Fujimoto Foundation

Babe by JL & JRC Jacobs

Jeffery Talley by Morgan Stanley Gift Fund

Nancy Hoffmann & Jean Whidden by Bill Hoffmann

In Memory of Puppy Girl by Maya Kondo

Michael R. Ben by Betty Ben

Barbara Breckenridge by Dale & Gretchen Watson-Kabei

Adam Toth by Maci

Sunshine & Cubbie (cats) adopted from your shelter by Jacqueline Adamek

Micky Shunick by David & Ann Scanlon

Bailey, Kiko and Sasha by Stephanie Hall-Morin

Lynn & Jean Ells by Kathy Hasselbring

Pua and Mischka by Svetlana McMahon

MAX by Joanne Kawamata

Joey by Margaret Kearns

Emi Holm by Adrienne Petraitis

Bill Perkins by Patsy Perkins

Sophie by Karla Holmquist

Maile by Jerome & Nancy Denz

Nalu by Robert Ristelhueber

Bill Kenny by John Mason

Ramsey by Christie Crawford

Kainoa by Ramona & Anthony Amoguis

Nova by Harriet Knox

Sandeelynn Wong & Mika Wong by Robert J. & Susan Wong

Buddha Boy by Beverley Jones

"Kale'a" Nelson by Carol Ann and Mark Solien

Rohan by Dennis & Sneh Camblin

Pansy Britt by Marnie Holden

M. G. Chillingworth by Sharon Solmssen

Donna Rose Soriano by Matt & Lisa Trinkwald

Janet by Melanie Falcon

Tahoe and Kona by Dan Paris

Dr. Rodrigues by Su Lin Kennels

Grace and Ray by Mary Giannini

Buddy by Chelsea Onori

Luther by Susan Heise

Our beloved Roscoe and Sparky by Susan Garrod & Bob Borns

Mayme by Gail Scott

Bosco my bff by Edward Frazer

Barry Brunt by Barbara Krekeler

Bill and Margaret Jenkins by Cat J

Richar by Lynn & Ken Krieger

Koa and Pu by connie templin

Bill Newberry by Pamela McKiddie

Susan Weldon by cynthia weldon

Madeline Zwerenz by Celeste Zwerenz

Mary Schaefer by Carla Coskran

Kiko by Diane Ware

Kiki & Kula by Jane Mowry

Trooper Naeole-Wong by Joy Motta

Barry Brunt by Brenda & Julian Kibler-Manelli

Dr. Trevor Rodrigues by Cheryl Sakamoto

Claudia Riordan by Elizabeth Ismail

Margaret Giles by Alice Morris

Cactus by Sherry Hansen

Bree Yandell by Erin & Alan Dickler

Beauty by Gay Porter

Kalei'ohu Sleightholm by Kanani Mettler

P.C. by Myrna & Bruce Morrison

Noni Barker by BILL BARKER

Beverly Kypfer by B Kypfer & J Ashford

In memory of my 3 precious cavaliers by Jane Mowry

Dexter Bear by Kristina Gerwig

Grace and Ray by Mary Giannini

Jasmine by Victoria Baldwin

Gumbo by Lynn Scully

Hal by Delta Lightner

Hanalei by June Vallies

James S. Gilliland by James S. & Lucia F. Gilliland (Gilliland Family Fund, Inc.)

Sylvia Ravaglia by Kay & Glenn Iwane

Maka by Glenn & Pauline Yano

Kevin Hunt by Wayne & Linda Sterzenback

Roy Karl Skogstorm by Leinaala Koshiyama

Roy Skogstrom by Regina Gantala

Bailey by Craig Rice

Roy Skogstrom by May Harrington

Stefan Bell by Serena Cyr

Roy Skogstrom by Jeannette Soon-Ludes

Muggs by Brian Dearth

Houdini by Bryan & Lori Lindsey

Joey Hartman by Noelle Singleton

Margaret Orsini by Leslie Orsini

Manu Iki by Kuliaikanuu Wooddell

Yogi by Susie Villasenor

Anne Barasch Ryan by John Saffro

Roxy by Maya Kondo

Sunnye & Nala by Katherine Bell

Ann Ryan by Richard Ellis

Penny by Beverly Jefferson

Stefan Bell by Serena Cyr

BORIS by Katherine Bell

Penny by Lauren Nickerson

Anne Ryan by Cynthia Muscatel

Penny by Allison Masterson

Penny by Rhonda pollard

Penny (also adorably known as Trash Panda♥️) by DS Sakata

Anne Barasch Ryan by Eve Bernstein

Penny by Diana Mandel

Penny by Jesse Belkin

Penny by CJ Turett

Penny by Laura Cathey

Sylvia Ravaglia by Tom & Julie McCue

Molly & Noelle by Pamela McKiddie


Tommy Raskin by Alysa Freeman

Brig by Delta Lightner

Tyson by Mackenzie Goertel

Jerry Thompson by Mary Giannini

Olive by Krystal McKinnon

Joey Hartman by Noelle Singleton

Max and Cookie by Rachel Cohen

Cactus by Sherry Hansen

Frank Vargo by Susan Lehner

Cinder by Joanie Carlo

Dog by kelly tripp

Maddie Lillah Scoobz Gentry Momo Maia Kaia and Goofy Jersey Emma Khloe by Janet Gilligan

Dr. Annette Hall’s Mother by Lynne Tomlinson

Kiko by John & Dawn Karasaki

Tony Chuoke by Katie Frontelli

P.C Morrison by Myrna & Bruce Morrison

Jonathan Hara by Donna Shimizu

Paul Hamilton by Paulette Hamilton

Tom Pointes by Russel & Judith Roberts

Pono, Taco & Lucky by Robert & Katharine Leopoldino

Michael Sisk by Bernard & Megan Knapp

Arte by Violet Murakami

MollyAnne by Andrea VanHorn