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Found a Lost Animal?

It is county law to contact the Hawaii Island Humane Society within 48 hours of finding an animal. Many times, the shelter is the first place people will look when they have lost their pet. Both found and lost reports may be filled out online at  Download our Lost & Found brochure here.

Bring the animal to us or call the closest shelterBrowse the online listings of lost and found pets to see if the pet is listed.

The best way to reunite an animal with its family is to bring him or her to the Hawaii Island Humane Society. Usually we are the first place people will look
if they have lost their pet. If you have found a pet during the hours the shelter is closed, please confine them until you can bring them to the shelter or place
them in our night drop kennels. We will be able to scan the animal for a microchip and check our lost reports. If the pet is wearing a license, call us so that
we may connect you with the owners. 
**Please remember it doesn't take long for a dog's condition to deteriorate while trying to find their way home. They're disoriented, scared, hungry,
thirsty and missing their family. If they are skinny, injured, have fleas, etc., that could very well mean they have been missing for some time and their
owners are desperately missing them. It does not always mean they have been mistreated.

Unable to bring the animal to us?

Call the shelter and leave a description of the pet for our Found Pet Book. Pictures are very helpful as many animals have similar descriptions and owners
may describe their pets differently. Our staff can compare the found report with our lost reports for a possible match. We keep lost and found reports for
30 days.
Have the pet scanned for a microchip at your local veterinary clinic. Often pets without external ID have microchips enabling identification of their owners - and this is the fastest way to guarantee a reunion with their owners.

Other ways to help

In addition to filing a found report, put a found pet post on Facebook and Craigslist; check lost ads as well. You can post the found pet on the Hawaii Island
Humane Society’s Facebook page and others such as Hawai'i Island Pets Lost & Found. Describe the animal, note any distinctive markings and provide details about when and where they were found and how you can be reached.
Check with veterinarians in your area. Post flyers in your neighborhood supermarkets, restaurants and retail stores. Include a description and photo. Please ask permission before posting your flyers.