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Nancy, a long-time Hawaii Island Humane Society supporter and passionate horse lover, passed away after a long illness. Nancy was generous, thoughtful, considerate, nurturing and a passionate lover of horses.

What you may not know is that Nancy was a successful writer, producer and director. Her television shows were nominated for 20 Emmy awards and included Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Her storied show business career that began as a secretary evolved and she became the first female producer of televised game shows working for Merv Griffin and Universal Studios.

Her love of horses began during her childhood summers in Oklahoma and she started the Circle J Horse Sanctuary when she moved to Waimea. Nancy founded the Hawaii Horse Expo, a benefit for abused and abandoned horses 10 years ago. She was quoted as saying producing the horse expo wasn’t that different from producing a game show.

Mahalo to Nancy Jones for entertaining and educating us. You are already missed.



“Horsemanship is a journey.  After forty years of horsemanship I realize that I will never arrive at the destination or finish line.”   Richard Winters

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