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Success Tails

Success Tails told through the eyes of their FURever family.



Fluffy 2 SMALL          1009356589 IMG 20160717 114201          FluffySMALL

I have a friend who works at our local shelter and I stopped in one day to see her. I was not there for a dog, but while we chatted, we walked through the long row of adoptable dogs. There was “Terry”. What a funny looking dog. Short legs, long body, head cocked to the side, the most sincere eyes looking up at me, with her butt firmly planted in a good-girl sit, but wiggling all around with excitement. I knew the drill. I’ve been helping our local Humane Society by fostering dogs and cats for a while. I tried to turn off my heart. I told myself she would find a great home, and I tried to ignore her but as I stood there looking at this goofy dog my internal dialog was insisting we adopt her right then and there. I promised myself that if she didn’t get adopted in 3 weeks, I would consider her.

This goofy dog was already cracking me up with her funny looks and sassy attitude, and then my friend and I decided Terry was an odd name for a dog, and we came up with the name “Fluffy” for this silly smooth coated dog who is in no way fluffy at all. I knew then that this dog would make me laugh at least once a day. Back home that evening, as I showed him photos of “Terry”, and joked about how funny her new name “Fluffy” would be, my husband just shook his head at me, knowing we were about to get yet another dog. Just a couple of days later we laughed all the way home with her in our car.

She immediately bonded with our other two rescue dogs, and our one foster-failure rescue cat, and she provided the daily laughter I suspected she might, but a surprising help that she brought to our family was with fostering. After we had Fluffy for a while, we took in another batch of foster kittens. Faithful Foster Mama Fluffy reminds me when it is bottle time and waits patiently for me to hand her a foster kitten for after-bottle clean-up duty. She is gentle and loving with even the tiniest kittens. This helpfulness has been a blessing and a curse. She bonds so closely with them that we’ve had to adopt three kittens, just for her, since she has come to live with us.

After just over a year with her, we know the laughter and entertainment is only just beginning. We never know what antics she will dream up next. Since we’re not fostering any kittens at the moment, you might find Fluffy cuddled up with a full grown foster-failure feline, or lying on the porch sunning her spotted belly. She sits on my lap every morning while I drink my coffee, and she waits for me to put her to bed every evening. She has recently decided she should sleep in the closet, which of course… makes us laugh.



IMG 5104  IMG 5358   IMG 5273 small

We came in early December with intentions to just look. We had agreed on adopting a dog at some point, we just had to make the right connection with the right pup. We into the Keaau Humane Society we were drawn to the quietest, shyest dog who was withdrawn into her kennel. We asked to take Humble out and meet her and on our walk around the grounds she was patient, calm, and sweet. She even gracefully climbed up on my knee when I knelt down to pet her. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and knew, he went in to tell you guys she was the one!!!!! I couldn't even fill out the paperwork because my eyes were full of tears, you guys had to give me a full box of tissues! Our sweet girl has since came out of her shell, but she is still the kind, gentle dog we met that day. Our days are now full of love, fetch, slobbery kisses, and cuddles now! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Axle3  Axle2   Axle1  

Hi. I'm Axle (formerly known as brennan). I was adopted from the Kona HIHS a few months back and now live with my forever home in Hilo. I now weigh a whopping 18lbs! I grew so huge since I left puppyland. I enjoy swimming and playing in the water so I often get to go to the beach or swim in my personal pool. I also enjoy car rides so every so often I get to go riding in the front seat. I always destroy my toys so every few days I get a new toy to play with. I learned a few tricks such as sit, lie down, nose down, roll over, etc. I encourage everyone to adopt! My mom really wants to adopt a new sibling for me to play with but I think she can wait till I'm a little bigger. #adoptdontshop

If you'd like to follow Axle's adventures you can find him on Instagram @a.x.l.e And while you're there, follow us! @hawaiihumanesociety



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Lacey and her family had a beloved Lab who passed away at the ripe old age of 16. They had discussed getting another dog once their new house was built and submitted a wish list request for a mature Retriever or mixed breed male at the shelter in Kona. Little did they know that they did not have to wait long!

A sweet, handsome Retriever who was found as a stray dog roaming the streets was turned into the Kona shelter where he received food, water, shelter and medical care for... a skin condition. After his hold period was up, he was available for adoption and HIHS called off the wish list.

Well as you might have guessed - it was love at first sight for both Kea and the Lacey family. He now lives at their new house and is the joy of their lives. His skin condition is getting better and his only dilemma is deciding which of the girls' beds he's going to sleep on at night. He is the official guest greeter and has learned to fetch the paper. He has also been known to hog the recliner in the living room thinking that he is a lap dog!

They are so happy to have him they even have a GPS device on his collar because they never want to lose him since he truly is their wish come true.




EchoPuppy   EchoNow   MagazineCoverSmall  

On December 11, 2012 a group of five, eight week old puppies were rescued from a lava tube in South Point and brought to your facility. They were too young to adopt our so were placed on a "Not Available" list and there they stayed for several weeks while they received their shots and waited to be adopted.

On December 27, 2012 I stopped by the shelter...It took all of about 3 seconds to realize we were a perfect match for each other, she needed a forever home and I needed someone to share my family with.

Words cannot express how wonderful little "Brindy", renamed "Echo", has made life for not only me but for everyone whose path she has crossed. Not only has she become and amazing kayaking parner, currently has logged in over 600 hours with me sharing a 12 foot plastic boat as well as getting up close to experience dolphins and whales, she is also a registered companion dog for me, giving me the strength to face each day with the gusto she has for life.

I cannot imagine facing my days without her and as angry as it makes me when people discard live animals, if it wasn't for the inconsiderate person responsible for dumping Echo and her littermates in that South Point lava tube, she and I would never have found comfort in each other. Of course the rescusing Humane Society Officers also are to be thanked profusely for the job they did and continue to do every day!

Thank you again for completing our family!

I'm including a copy of the July/August 2015 Dogs Naturally magazine of which Echo made the cover!




Thanks for helping my mom find me and my new farm life. It's so fun, we run around and get dirty all the time, lots of folks live here so I'm rarely alone and get lots of pettings! I'm featured a lot in  our farms Facebook. I even have my own hashtag #lifewithnani La Buena Vida means the good life...and it truly is for me now, glad I'm  past that rough patch, and found my forever farm.
I gotta run, I think I hear so people waking up and I gotta herd them up to the kitchen for some coffee and my morning petting.











Buddy & Nicky

BuddyandNicky My husband and I were seeking a companion for our senior pet Nicky, who had been displaying signs of loneliness and anxiety. We were looking for a female, no more than 35# at maturity, preferably in the Spaniel line. After months of visiting your facility, as well as others, on a weekly basis, one of your potential adoptees caught our attention, but alas, he was male and appeared to be a Golden Retriever mix. We returned the next week for another visit, and this time we decided to take one of your adoptees into the open yard to interact with her. We did not hit it off. We returned her to her kennel, and we saw that the male Golden Retriever was still waiting to be adopted. We were already there, so why not take him for a walk.

The Golden-Border collie mix was playful and attentive, and with his most loving eyes, he quickly stole our hearts. We took him home with us the next week, hopeful that our new family member and Nicky would hit it off. They did not.

We re-named our new addition Buddy – this seemed most appropriate as his role was to keep our Nicky company and become his best friend. Buddy, although not a puppy at 10 months, was still very young, and had a lot of growing up to do.

After months of being together and with Buddy’s unwavering desire to become Nicky’s best pal, we saw signs of possibilities. They began to hang out with each other in the patio and back yard, and with each passing day, they became - best buddies. They now do everything together, eat, play, sleep, and Nicky no longer shows any signs of anxiety.

Buddy is wonderful with toddlers, as well as people and children of all ages. Passersby all know is name and stop to talk to Buddy. He is just what Nicky needed, and he is truly a blessing to our family.



Snow the Wonder Dog

SnowSnow, the West Hawaii wonder dog, has been a total joy to have as a companion, and I know our other two dogs love having him around. He just loves to cuddle and play with his big brother and big sister. They usually get tired before Snow does. We have discovered he is completely deaf and mostly blind, meaning he can see some shadows in different light. He does on occasion run into objects such as, oh say our parked cars or a tree, and this is why we have nicknamed him Radar. And just in case the person who dumped him sees this, know that you abandoned one of the best dogs I've ever had. It would have been nicer if you had at least taken him to a shelter instead of the side of the road where he was found. Please feel free to contact us any time you need to convince someone that adopting a special needs animal is not nearly as hard as it may seem.






Birdie August2014Birdie was adopted in August 2014 from the Kona Shelter. This pup couldn't be any happier!








Kuuipo ArielRodrigues





Here is a before and after picture of Ku'uipo formerly Bella from the Kona shelter. She was underweight, only 11lbs,  recovering from worms and skin rash. Now shes a healthy 19lbs and has been on avoderm dog food for her skin and coat since I adopted her in 2011. She is also a registered service animal and is a total gem! The bestest friend I could ever ask for! I love her so much!





Princess catRemember her? I adopted her in September and she is the most loving, sweetest cat ever. I have no idea why someone left her with you (twice!).

She loves playtime with her feather on a string, and snuggles into every lap she can find! I am happy to have found her and thought you would like to know that she is doing fine and loving her new home.






We took Moey in a couple of months ago, he is THE most amazing dog ever. We have 4 german shepherd dogs (all pure bread) they are NO match to him. He is truly a VERY special life form, can’t tell you how much we love him. A picture of him at his home at Kona Joe Coffee farm, where he is KING!





Peanut 9 2014Christy (now lovingly called "Peanut") in her new home. My daughter adopted her from the Kea'au shelter. Such a loving smart girl and knows to hold it until she goes outside for potty!! Thank you so much. She is inseparable from my granddaughter as you can see :) and gets soooooo excited when she comes home from school!








Huge mahalo to the Hawaii Island Humane Society! I adopted "LC", formally named "Yang" from your Waimea office in 2012 and she is a wonderful, loving, hilarious and beautiful addition to our family. Just wanted to give you an update that she has a great life and is so loved by her ohana. Thank you for all you do!


Bonnie the Hound

BonnietheHoundWe just wanted to pass on our story of Bonnie the Hound that we just adopted from the Waimea shelter last week. We lost our little Jack Russell six months ago, and have been torn about if we wanted another dog at all; he was wicked smart and playful and great company to us. We missed him terribly. Our friends and neighbors here kept telling us to go to the shelter and find one to adopt. I put it off so many weeks because I didn’t know what issues we would have to deal with, and with our horses, and business schedule here, I wasn’t willing to go through training and rehab for a problem dog.

Two weeks ago, I had errands to do in Waimea, saw a friend with a new puppy and felt the yearning all over... My truck went on “autopilot” around the corner and over to the shelter to view what was adoptable. This female hound was sitting quiet and looking very lonely and sweetly up at me. We interacted for a time, and I left her. The following week, I told Joe that we should both go and see what was adoptable, because this one dog seemed so easy going and loving. Luckily she was still there, and Joe fell instantly in love with her. She was a stray, and unclaimed. We did the paperwork that day and brought her home last Wednesday. We since observed that she has basic obedience skills, is housebroke and just sits around us and lays quiet in the house! I was amazed. She comes when called, is is learning to go with us to do the daily horse chores. It’s been an easy transition- she’s just what we needed here. Loving to everyone who visits, and playful for us. We’re so very happy with her, and so glad I listened to my heart to go look at the shelter dogs.